On my most recent visit to New Bern, I had a free afternoon, which offered the perfect opportunity to explore the historic downtown. Here are three sweet spots along my route.

Inside this door awaits yumminess!

Sweet Spot #1 – Bear City Fudge Company

My first sweet spot stop was to fuel up for my afternoon of discovery. I headed over to Bear City Fudge Company, my go-to source for fudge, ice cream and all kinds of treats. I left with a few slabs of deliciousness, perhaps overindulging a bit. The dark-chocolate-caramel-sea-salt fudge is quite simply, pure happiness. Bear City Fudge Company is located just off Middle Street in the courtyard, and it receives high marks (albeit calories) on my list. Go now!

Sweet Spot #2 – New Bern Historical Society

If you want to delve into New Bern’s storied past, the best place to do so is at the New Bern Historical Society. With my fudge in hand, I walked down Middle to Broad Street to the building rumored to have a friendly ghost or two. Once you step inside this home of history, you are transported to a time long ago. The New Bern Historical Society presents displays of furniture, clothing, fine china and silver of the 18th and 19th centuries. I was greeted by Curator Jim Hodges, who is basically an encyclopedia of the town’s history and prominent figures. Jim has what appears to be an endless file system of letters, notes and photographs that would impress even the most renowned historian. Jim also presents lunch-and-learn sessions to spread the word about New Bern’s enticing years of the past.

The Unity Project.

Sweet Spot #3 – The Unity Project

As I left the Historical Society, I noticed down the street a familiar piece of artwork. The last time I saw The Unity Project, it was not quite finished. The piece serves as a symbol of harmony and a link between uptown and downtown New Bern. It was constructed and painted by several youth and volunteer organizations in the area. It made my day to see the completed sculpture in person, and even better was to look up and see the New Bern water tower looming in the distance. For more details about The Unity Project, click here.

As I walked back to my hotel room, I thought about these three sweet wonders of New Bern. There is so much more to discover, and I intend to do so. With some additional chocolate, of course!