While I typically write about all the really cool things to do in New Bern and surrounding places, it seems appropriate this month with the Coronavirus pandemic to write about the really cool residents of our town. The people of this fine small city always seem to meet, actually exceed, the challenge.

Our Schools


During this remote learning phase, it’s not always going to be smiling faces. Everyone deserves a little slack these days!

While our parents had to learn “new math,” we have all had to adapt to a new way of learning. Teachers, administrators, staff, parents and students have all experienced an adjustment period. The Craven County School System has done an incredible job of providing resources to parents, including free Zoom workshops on coping with disasters. Also, the Free Meals on Big School Wheels has been a lifeline to many students.

Our Frontline Workers

Calling them Healthcare Heroes even seems a bit inadequate. Doctors, nurses, technicians, EMTs and paramedics are indeed on the frontline. Add in the amazing New Bern Police Department, Fire Department, Craven County Sheriff’s Office and 911 operators, and it creates an incomparable team of professionals going way beyond. I love that New Bern residents are helping feed the CarolinaEast Health System staff with Take Out for Healthcare Heroes. It was perfect timing with the delivery of much-needed hand sanitizer to the police department by Carolina Home Medical.

Our Community

New Bern is all about community. For example, Visit New Bern is promoting a New Bern Scavenger Hunt with a weekend getaway prize. Persimmons is offering a food box donation opportunity to aid out-of-work restaurant employees. The New Bern Chamber of Commerce set up a Facebook page, New Bern Eats, as our go-to source for restaurant menus, specials and delivery options.

As I have said time and again in this blog series, New Bern is a truly remarkable city. Yes, it has all the ingredients for the “perfect” place to live. It also has some of the most generous, friendliest people, as we have witnessed even more so over the last month. While I do not live in New Bern (I visit quite often), I somehow consider it to be my town. Perhaps that says it all. Everything really does come together here.