West New Bern presents a wonderful lifestyle for the young and young-at-heart.

An incomparable West Community lifestyle awaits you!

As West New Bern was being designed, there was thoughtful consideration given to ensure the maximum enjoyment of our residents while respecting the natural, timberland environment. The result is a pleasing balance of winding sidewalks, walking paths and nature trails throughout the community.

The community focal point is our compass roundabout, showcasing the four compass points, indigenous loblolly pines and other plantings. The dramatic landscaping creates a stunning setting as you drive along the roadways. Our entry feature and corner monuments were built with sustainable materials. The planned multi-acre lake chain and other water features will become the natural hub of activity, with relaxation points and green spaces.

Ideally situated pocket parks provide additional gathering areas for neighbors and friends. Other resident-only amenities proposed include a community meeting house, fitness center and outdoor pool.

The West New Bern Main Street will be the main attraction for residents, visitors and guests alike. The shopping, dining and entertainment venues will create the perfect setting for hours of enjoyment. And, the spectacular lake views will further enrich your experience. The West Community of New Bern is here!