There must be something about a city named Greenville in the Carolinas. The city in South Carolina is one of my favorite places to visit. Believe it or not, I had never taken the time to drive to Greenville, North Carolina, just 47 miles away from New Bern. Nicknamed The Emerald City (I can only assume due to the city name and the amount of green space), North Carolina’s Greenville is a magical city to visit, and no ruby slippers required!

Ahoy, Matey

Trustees Fountain at ECU is a landmark and gathering place on campus.

Greenville may best be known as home to East Carolina University. Even though I am way past college age, I love to stroll through campuses, and this one was no exception. The school showcases some striking historic architecture blended with state-of-the-art facilities. Be sure to take an hour or two to visit this beautiful campus, and be on the lookout for all the pirate (their mascot) references. It’s not called Pirate Nation for nothing.

A Trail I Like to Hike

When I saw that Greenville boasts a Brew and ‘Cue Trail, I knew I would partake. It became a must once I discovered there is a “PassPork” to collect official stamps of visited places. I had limited time, so I chose the place from my childhood days visiting my great-aunt in Wilson, Parker’s Barbecue. And as I remembered from my childhood, the meal was delicious. Greenville has a plethora of incredible barbecue joints and breweries, pubs and bars. I will surely come back to fill up the rest of my PassPork for my free t-shirt!

An Uptown to Get Down

It was recommended by a local to spend time in the popular dining and entertainment mecca of Uptown Greenville.  Whether you are seeking a quick bite, live music, shopping or a choice of bars, you will find it here. I happened to visit on a Wednesday, so I had the extra surprise of the Umbrella Market. Throughout the summer, the Five Points area takes it outdoors with a new take on a farmer’s market. There are dozens of events here throughout the year, and I heard PirateFest in April tops the list.

While Greenville is a day trip from New Bern, you can very well enjoy days here. Even Dorothy went back a couple of times to her Emerald City!