I adore the movie A River Runs Through It for many reasons. Yes, I have a slight crush on Brad Pitt, and Tom Skerritt is a phenomenal actor. But why I fell in love with this movie is the pure beauty of the non-human character, the river.

The welcome sign as you enter New Bern says it all.

The first time I visited New Bern, I thought I was reliving a scene from the movie. I immediately felt a sense of inner calmness. New Bern is at the convergence of the Trent and Neuse Rivers, and these two rivers provide a beautiful backdrop for the city.

The New Bern Riverwalk stretches along the two rivers, creating a scenic way to stroll from hotels and restaurants to parks and shops. Every time I visit, I make a point of walking along the amazing riverfront. During these walks, I’ve come across friendly residents, Convention Center attendees and visitors. While they may be in New Bern for different reasons, the impression the Riverwalk has is the same–one of a reenergized, yet relaxed, feeling.

Even the benches at Union Point Park are bears!

As with my previous blog posts, I continue to discover the wonders of New Bern. Whether it is the Bear Town Bears, Tryon Palace, Birthplace of Pepsi, wonderful restaurants and now the Riverwalk, the unique attractions of New Bern keep attracting me back!