You may recall from last month’s post that I stayed an extra day in Rocky Mount because there was so much to experience. That decision was a good one, and it began with my nighttime accommodations.

Oh My! #3 – A Tiny Night

Rocky Mount Tiny Hotel

A minimum of space affords a maximum of enjoyment at the River and Twine, a tiny house hotel!

How excited I was to read about River and Twine, a tiny house hotel in Rocky Mount Mills. I had never been in a tiny house before, and here before me were over a dozen of them! How lucky I was that they had an opening. I stayed in “The Tar,” obviously named after the Tar River that it overlooks. From the outside, you would never imagine how spacious such a small space could be. The quaint living area had a sofa and eating area, along with a kitchen and conveniences. Up in the loft, I enjoyed a peaceful night sleep on the queen bed. It felt like part campground, part vacation rental, in the sense that the setting encouraged conversation with other guests at the outdoor sitting area, while also enjoying comfortable privacy in my own house.

Oh My! #4 – A Big Day

After the tiny house, I felt it was appropriate to continue my “closer to nature” experience. I wanted to see the place where the town began. Rocky Mount was founded by Native Americans, who referred to it as Rocky Mounds. The mounds are located in Battle Park, a scenic green space with the fantastic Tar River running through it. And, if you are feeling so bold, you can climb the mounds (rocks) along the river! While this park is the only one I visited, this town has a plethora of green spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

On my drive back, I had one final Oh My! moment. With Rocky Mount only 90 minutes away, I would soon be back to enjoy the sights of my favorite North Carolina town, New Bern!