This is the first riverfront park I have been to where you are this close to the water.

I had heard that New Bern boasted several parks and green spaces. However I was still pleasantly surprised that one of the first places I came upon was a riverfront setting to kick my shoes off and enjoy the spectacular view.


The Union Point Park pavilion has been the site of many gatherings, including weddings!

Union Point Park spans six acres along the convergence of the Neuse and Trent Rivers. With a pavilion, playground, benches and several shady areas, Union Point Park is a central gathering place for residents and visitors alike. Throughout the park, you’ll find friendly reminders of the city’s bear theme, from some of the Bear Town Bears to the playground benches. You will also receive reminders of why New Bern is such an amazing place… mothers pushing their children on the swing, couples walking along the riverfront and friends catching up on the latest news.

When you visit New Bern, be sure to spend some time in Union Point Park. It is truly the place to park yourself, even if only for a few cherished moments!