In the last two blog posts, I have spotlighted how New Bern has adapted during coronavirus. From the Craven County schools to our favorite restaurants to helping out charitable organizations, New Bern residents truly come together. Here are three “normal for now” activities to enjoy:

The Grass is Green

Gardens at Tryon Palace, New Bern, NC

Tryon Palace’s gardens are a must-see anytime you visit New Bern. Every season brings a different collection of blooms.

While the Governor’s Palace remains closed, the Tryon Palace Gardens are open and seem even more majestic than before. I had previously heard the gardens were the plan of a landscape architect or horticulturist at the time of Governor Tryon inhabiting the palace. On my most recent visit, that story was just that, a story. The gardens were actually created when the buildings were restored in the late 1950s. Other cool things Tryon Palace is doing include Facebook Live presentations with guest speakers and behind-the-scenes at the costume shop.

Fun on Screen

One of New Bern’s summer favorites is Movies at Union Point Park. Since we can’t gather in this manner right now, leave it to the City of New Bern to get creative. Started a couple of weeks ago, movies can be enjoyed at Lawsons Creek Park in the form of a drive-in theatre. With classics such as Grease and Wizard of Oz, the movies are shown every other weekend. At only five dollars per carload, there’s no reason for anyone to hide in the trunk. (Reference to my youth.)

Scene to Be Seen

Like many holidays, July Fourth seems to be just a little bit more special in New Bern. While the festivities are not what has been experienced in years past, the City of New Bern is presenting the Fireworks Display at Lawsons Creek Park, 9:15 p.m. You will need to be in or around your car, and space is limited. As an alternative, you can watch the live display on the City’s Facebook page.

Times have definitely changed over these last few months. Yet, one thing remains the same. Residents in this historical place know how to live in the present.