28 November

A Merry Time for All

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The Beary Merry Christmas tree was officially lit up on November 27, kicking off the 2020 holiday season. Photo courtesy of Open Aperture Photography for Beary Merry Christmas. New Bern is a spectacular place to live or to visit any season of the year. Yet, the town takes on a extra-specialness during the holiday season. A month-long extravaganza, aptly titled Beary Merry Christmas (Bern means “bear”), showcases dozens of events and activities. While the pandemic caused a little rethinking of some things, New Bern is known for having the show go on! One of Beary Merry Christmas’ highlights

28 October

In New Bern, Life Indicates Art

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As you have read many times here before, I love just about anything and everything New Bern. One organization I am particularly fond of is the Craven Arts Council & Gallery. The mission is “to create an environment where the arts thrive, bring joy and enrich the cultural experience in our community.” But it involves so much more than art (yoga, anyone?). First, There's the Gallery This beautiful piece of art by Heidi DiBella won the Mum's the Word Exhibition and will be featured at the 2021 Mumfest! Housed in a former bank building (hence the location reference

28 September

This Fest is Now a Feast

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The mums are in full bloom for MumFeast! Around this time of year, I am usually making plans to be in New Bern to partake in one of my favorite events, MumFest. The food, the music, the arts and crafts, and of course, the mums! The renowned festival attracts thousands each year from near and far away. This October, the event is “blossoming” into something different. For 2020, the creative minds of our town have smartly evolved the event into MumFeast, a festival of outdoor dining and more. Every weekend in October, Downtown will shut down to car

27 August

Three Restaurants, One Great Meal After Another

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our back-to-normal continues to evolve. Not sure if you feel like COVID-19 stands for the number of pounds gained over these last several months, but it is spot-on for me. I want to thank the amazing New Bern restaurants that have helped add those pounds. While there are too many to list in one post, here are three of my favorites: La Casetta I have raved about this magnifico Italian eatery before, and I am going to do it again. La Casetta is the place to be for authentic Italian food. My recommendation is to

28 July

A Walk in the Park

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We all know the coronavirus has taken its toll on so many things this year. Being able to socially distance is more important than ever, so I have three park recommendations to enjoy the great outdoors in New Bern. Park #1 – Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park I love these trails at Latham-Whitehurst Park. So peaceful! Located east of downtown along the outskirts of New Bern, Latham-Whitehurst is a popular choice for those who love to hike, fish, kayak and birdwatch. I always enjoy walking the boardwalk that runs along Broad Creek to take in the beautiful views. I ventured

20 June

Everything Really Does Come Together Here – Part Three

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In the last two blog posts, I have spotlighted how New Bern has adapted during coronavirus. From the Craven County schools to our favorite restaurants to helping out charitable organizations, New Bern residents truly come together. Here are three “normal for now” activities to enjoy: The Grass is Green Tryon Palace's gardens are a must-see anytime you visit New Bern. Every season brings a different collection of blooms. While the Governor’s Palace remains closed, the Tryon Palace Gardens are open and seem even more majestic than before. I had previously heard the gardens were the plan of a

27 May

Everything Really Does Come Together Here – Part Two

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As our magical City of New Bern and State of North Carolina continue through the reopening phases from COVID, I definitely feel spotlighting the community itself is worth another post. After all, the community spirit is a major reason why New Bern is the perfect place to call home. Our Restaurants If you ask the locals around here what they missed most during the pandemic shutdown, you are likely to receive “restaurants” as the answer. With limited capacity status, New Bern establishments are taking dining outdoors on weekend evenings. Be sure to check out the latest street and sidewalk cafes, and

23 April

Everything Really Does Come Together Here

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While I typically write about all the really cool things to do in New Bern and surrounding places, it seems appropriate this month with the Coronavirus pandemic to write about the really cool residents of our town. The people of this fine small city always seem to meet, actually exceed, the challenge. Our Schools During this remote learning phase, it's not always going to be smiling faces. Everyone deserves a little slack these days! While our parents had to learn “new math,” we have all had to adapt to a new way of learning. Teachers, administrators, staff, parents and

25 March

Road Trip to Raleigh – Part Three: Making History

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  I had just a few hours left in Raleigh, and I had a couple of stops left on my agenda. Having spent the morning touring the Capitol Building and the Museum of Natural Sciences, I had worked up quite an appetite. Just Add Gravy Oh my gosh! How can such a simple dish taste so decadent? A New Bern friend provided a top recommendation for lunch, a restaurant named Gravy. Was this to be a homestyle cooking café? Once I came upon the restaurant, I realized gravy referred to homemade pasta sauce. Gravy is everything you desire in

28 February

Road Trip to Raleigh – Part Two: Science “Fare”

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In last month’s post, I wrote about my visit to the North Carolina Capitol Building in Raleigh. That was just the beginning of amazing places to explore in this beautiful city. For the next part of my journey, I did not have to go very far. Around the corner to be exact, to tackle the subject I struggled with in school--science. A Stone to Pick With the museum's worldly exterior, I had to see what was inside. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the Southeast’s largest natural history museum. It has exhibits on four floors that are,

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