With summer officially upon us (not looking at the summer solstice, but rather the time of year), it is time to officially head to the beach! I recommend three beach day trips to the Crystal Coast, all under an hour from New Bern.


Atlantic Beach in the morning.

Day Trip #1 – Atlantic Beach

You’ve read in this blog series before how much fun you will have at Atlantic Beach, only 36 miles away. The upper part of the Southern Outer Banks boasts great views of, you guessed it, the Atlantic Ocean. I love taking a quick drive here, even if it is for a few hours, to enjoy the energetic vibe. Of course, I center my visit around lunch to partake in the most awesome, fried deliciousness at The Shark Shack. If you stop there, go ahead and indulge in the shrimp burger. I have become such a regular there, they call me “New Bern Girl.” It’s definitely a compliment.

Day Trip #2– Pine Knoll Shores

If you are looking for a more secluded spot, check out the beautiful scenery at Pine Knoll Shores. The drive from New Bern is just 41 miles, so you can spend the entire day soaking up the sun. The walkway to the beach is spectacular, as if you are walking into a tropical paradise. The quaint town boasts an official North Carolina Aquarium, so you can retreat inside if you need a breather from the heat.

Day Trip #3 – Indian Beach

My third day trip from New Bern is Indian Beach. Being only 46 miles from New Bern, I visit IB, as the locals call it, whenever I want to recharge a bit. Last week a friend and I ventured over there and rented bikes from Beach Wheels. We had an absolute blast, even stopping for a beverage (the rental includes a lock). If you go to IB, my hint is to go early and park at the Old IB Pier Access. It seems to be less crowded at that lot.

These three destinations are just a glimpse of several beaches of the Southern Outer Banks. With New Bern so close to these and more, you can have your day in the sun whenever you want!