26 May

Make It a Beach Day, Any Day

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With summer officially upon us (not looking at the summer solstice, but rather the time of year), it is time to officially head to the beach! I recommend three beach day trips to the Crystal Coast, all under an hour from New Bern. Atlantic Beach in the morning. Day Trip #1 – Atlantic Beach You’ve read in this blog series before how much fun you will have at Atlantic Beach, only 36 miles away. The upper part of the Southern Outer Banks boasts great views of, you guessed it, the Atlantic Ocean. I love taking a quick drive

27 April

That’s Entertainment!

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I love how every month in New Bern, there are so many entertainment options. May is no exception! Check out these three finds: In Plein Sight The marina is a "stroke of genius" as a wonderful setting to paint. With New Bern’s spectacular setting of Tryon Palace, the riverfront and historic downtown (just to name a few), the city provides a perfect backdrop for a painter’s inspiration. Plein Air New Bern is an event to leave the four walls of a studio behind and experience painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice goes back for centuries, but

19 March

Memorable History Lessons

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New Bern is resplendent with memorable history. After all, it was the site of the first state capitol building, Tryon Palace. With all my time spent around town, I thought I had a good grasp on my adopted hometown. Two upcoming events made me realize, there are new history lessons to be made. Healing for the Future The Wall That Heals will be in New Bern, April 8-11. We are so fortunate that New Bern is home to veterans of all branches of military service. However, you do not need to be a veteran to appreciate the significance

24 February

March into Fun

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While the City of New Bern is not my official place of residence, I visit here very often. This town always seems to make everything better. Here are three fun New Bern events I am looking forward to in March: Learning Your ABCs You have to hand it to our New Bern Historical Society. Even with the ongoing pandemic, the “show” must go on, or shall we say the Annual ABC (Attic, Basement and Closet) Yard Sale! On March 13 and 27, the fundraising event will take place in the fresh outdoors at the New Bern Battlefield Park Pavilion, 10

28 January

What a Sweet Place!

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Every month in New Bern is one full of fun events, and February is no exception! Here are three things to look forward to in New Bern during this sweet, short month: Good, Clean, Sweet Fun Gather your favorite gals for a night out at Improv-a-Thon! Sometimes the most fun is when you grab a bunch of girlfriends for a ladies’ night out on Galentine’s Day! Improv-a-Thon is back, with the Walk-In Bathtub improv group, on Saturday, February 13. With the choice of five 45-minute shows, you will experience (somewhat) clean fun. I have been told the format

22 December

The Year’s Top 10 Positives

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The Downtown Christmas Parade capped off a wonderful year of positive outcomes. As we close out this year of a global pandemic, economic constraints and overall increased stresses, it is easy to focus on the negatives over the past 12 months. While it may be challenging to think of the positives, it makes it easier when you think about our hometown, New Bern. Here are just 10 examples: The Residents – The people who live in New Bern seem to share one common trait, a true sense of community. The Golden Rule definitely is evident here. Healthcare Heroes

28 November

A Merry Time for All

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The Beary Merry Christmas tree was officially lit up on November 27, kicking off the 2020 holiday season. Photo courtesy of Open Aperture Photography for Beary Merry Christmas. New Bern is a spectacular place to live or to visit any season of the year. Yet, the town takes on a extra-specialness during the holiday season. A month-long extravaganza, aptly titled Beary Merry Christmas (Bern means “bear”), showcases dozens of events and activities. While the pandemic caused a little rethinking of some things, New Bern is known for having the show go on! One of Beary Merry Christmas’ highlights

28 October

In New Bern, Life Indicates Art

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As you have read many times here before, I love just about anything and everything New Bern. One organization I am particularly fond of is the Craven Arts Council & Gallery. The mission is “to create an environment where the arts thrive, bring joy and enrich the cultural experience in our community.” But it involves so much more than art (yoga, anyone?). First, There's the Gallery This beautiful piece of art by Heidi DiBella won the Mum's the Word Exhibition and will be featured at the 2021 Mumfest! Housed in a former bank building (hence the location reference

28 September

This Fest is Now a Feast

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The mums are in full bloom for MumFeast! Around this time of year, I am usually making plans to be in New Bern to partake in one of my favorite events, MumFest. The food, the music, the arts and crafts, and of course, the mums! The renowned festival attracts thousands each year from near and far away. This October, the event is “blossoming” into something different. For 2020, the creative minds of our town have smartly evolved the event into MumFeast, a festival of outdoor dining and more. Every weekend in October, Downtown will shut down to car

27 August

Three Restaurants, One Great Meal After Another

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our back-to-normal continues to evolve. Not sure if you feel like COVID-19 stands for the number of pounds gained over these last several months, but it is spot-on for me. I want to thank the amazing New Bern restaurants that have helped add those pounds. While there are too many to list in one post, here are three of my favorites: La Casetta I have raved about this magnifico Italian eatery before, and I am going to do it again. La Casetta is the place to be for authentic Italian food. My recommendation is to

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